16th The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
16th The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
16th The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
16th The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics



Day 1 - October 4, 2023, Wednesday
Event Time (GMT+3) Speaker Title
  Start End    
Welcome & Coffee 12.30 13.30    
Opening Lecture 13.30 14.00 Cosimo Posth (Tübingen University)  
EMBO - Workshop - Course 1 14.00 14.30 İsmail Kudret Sağlam / Ogün Adebali Probabilistic Models in Population Genetics
EMBO - Workshop - Course 2 14.30 15.00 İsmail Kudret Sağlam / Ogün Adebali Computing genotype likelihoods on low/medium coverage data
Coffee Break 15.00 15.30    
EMBO - Workshop - Course 3 15.30 16.00 İsmail Kudret Sağlam / Ogün Adebali Genetic distances and population structure
EMBO - Workshop - Course 4 16.00 16.30 İsmail Kudret Sağlam / Ogün Adebali Coalescent models for determining diversity statistics
Closing Remarks 16.30 17.00 Ogün Adebali  


Day 2 - October 5, 2023, Thursday
Event Time (GMT+3) Speaker Session Title
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Registration 08.00 08.45      
Welcome Speech 08.45 09.00      
Opening Talk 09.00 09.15

Müge Yemişçi Özkan (Hacettepe University)

Head of Graduate School of Health Sciences

Keynote Talk 09.15 10.15 Christine Orengo (University College London)    
Coffee Break 10.15 10.30      
Invited Talk 10.30 11.00 Urartu Şeker (Bilkent University)

Systems Biology & Network Biology

(Moderator: Ceren Özkul Koçak)


Selected Talk 1 11.00 11.15 Ahmet Hinçer (Bilkent University) Creation of Synthetic 5’ UTR Library by Analyzing Differential Expression in Cancer Versus Healthy Breast Cells
Selected Talk 2 11.15 11.30 Atilay Ilgun (Gebze Technical University) Functional Specificity of Astrosyte Subtypes in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Multi-Omic Approach by Mapping Single Nuclei Data on Protein Interaction Networks
Selected Talk 3 11.30 11.45 Cansu Dinçer (Wellcome Sanger Institute) Inferring effective cancer drug combination therapies using network based multi-omics data integration
Lunch Break 11.45 13.00      
Keynote Talk 13.00 14.00 Cosimo Posth (Tübingen University)    
Invited Talk 14.00 14.30 Zeki Kaya (Middle East Technical University)

Genomics & Ancient Genomics

(Moderator: Nurten Akarsu)

Tracing the crop domestication and vegetation past in the Gediz Valley with ancient DNA  approach
Selected Talk 4 14.30 14.45 Emrah Kırdök (Mersin University) Identification of oral pathogens and dietary components from three stone-age chewed pitches
Selected Talk 5 14.45 15.00 Gün Kaynar (Bilkent University) ECOLE: Learning to call copy number variants on whole exome sequencing data
Selected Talk 6 15.00 15.15 Aylin Bircan (Sabanci University) Evolutionary history of Calcium-sensing receptors sheds light into hyper/hypocalcemia-causing mutations

Poster Session

Coffee break

15.15 16.15      
Selected Talk 7 16.15 16.30 Büşra Tayhan (Sabanci University)

Computational Structural Biology

(Moderator: Çağdaş Son)

Conformational Effects of Calcium Stripping from Calmodulin
Selected Talk 8 16.30 16.45 Meryem Eren (Koç University) Investigating the Impact of Phosphorylation and C-Tail Interactions on AKT Dynamics
Selected Talk 9 16.45 17.00 Rumeysa Hilal Çelik (Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University) Dynamics of Synthetic Polymer Scaffolds Supported With Carbonic Nanoparticle 
Gala Dinner 19.30   Vişnelik ODTÜ MD Tesisleri *Complementary *No extra fee required



Day 3 - October 6, 2023, Friday
Event Time (GMT+3) Speaker Session Title
  Start End      
Registration 08.00 09.00      
Main Sponsor Talk 09.00 09.30 Genera    
Keynote Talk 09.30 10.30 Chris Evelo (Maastricht University)    
Coffee Break 10.30 10.45      
Invited Talk 10.45 11.15 Nilüfer Rahmioğlu Ramiz (University of Oxford)

Omics & Spatial Technologies

(Moderator: Arda Çetinkaya)

Understanding the genetic basis of endometriosis and need for diverse ancestry studies
Selected Talk 10 11.15 11.30 Gülden Olgun (Hacettepe University) NoRCE Shiny App - Shiny App For Noncoding RNA Set Cis Annotation and Enrichment
Selected Talk 11 11.30 11.45 Arda Söylev (Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf) SVarp: Structural Variation Discovery in Pangenomes
Selected Talk 12 11.45 12.00 Kaan ARICI (Middle East Technical University) Inferring Hidden Connections in Omics Data via pyPARAGON: A Hybrid Approach for Context-Specific Interpretation 
Lunch Break 12.00 13.00      
Invited Talk 13.00 13.30 Erdal Coşgun (Microsoft)

Machine/Deep Learning Applications in Bioinformatics

(Moderator: Tunca Doğan)

Genomics Data Science Applications on Cloud
Selected Talk 13 13.30 13.45 Büşra Oğuzoğlu (Boğaziçi University) Graph-Based Representation of Protein Sequences Enriched with Protein Words for Pathogen-Host Interaction Prediction
Selected Talk 14 13.45 14.00 Burakcan Izmirli (Hacettepe University) DeepResponse: Large Scale Prediction of Cancer Cell Line Drug Response with Deep Learning Based Pharmacogenomic Modelling
Selected Talk 15 14.00 14.15 Sina Barazandeh (Bilkent University) RNAGEN: A generative adversarial network-based model to generate synthetic RNA sequences to target proteins
Poster Session and Coffee Break 14.15 15.15      
Main Sponsor Talk 15:15 15:45 Qiagen    
Invited Talk  15:45 16:00

Ece Akhan Güzelcan (Hacettepe Üniversitesi)

Health Informatics 

(Moderator: Yeşim Aydın Son)

The importance of FAIRification of biological data
Selected Talk 16 16.00 16.15 Gülsüm Kaya (University of Health Sciences) Quantification of prophylactic antibiotics in breast milk and the meconium microbiome in neonates delivered vaginally or by cesarean section
Selected Talk 17 16.15 16.30 Maral Dicle Maral (Bogazici University) A diverse and detailed mammography dataset for developing computer-assisted detection models for breast cancer
Award Ceremony 16.30 16.45      
Closing Remarks 16.45 17.00